Okay, I'm in! How do I sign up?

Residents are responsible for their own transportation. However there is an on-demand bus that will take you into Fairfield for $4.00 each way. Bookings need to made 24 hours in advance. Trips to the local supermarket (HyVee) on Wednesdays get credited to your food bill. Our campus, located in Maharishi Vedic City, is 6 miles from Fairfield and the MUM campus.

What are the dining options?

Couples are very welcome. In the past, due to building configurations, couples accommodations for IAA participants have not been available on the MUM campus. Now, we are very pleased to be able to offer them on the IdeaLife Assembly campus. Non-participant spouses are also welcome.ph here.

​​​Sidhas and TM(r) Meditators will each be able to do their daily program in comfortable program halls on this IdeaLife Assembly Campus. Sidhas may travel to the Golden Domes each day if they wish, but participation in the Settle Grant (for those eligible) will also be available just steps away from your room.

I live outside the U.S., can I come to the IdeaLife Campus?

All our campus buildings have facilities for Assembly participants to cook for themselves, or share cooking with usually about 2 or 3 other participants. Each cottage has a private kitchen, and each 4-suite building has a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. Participants may cook for themselves or share cooking with friends.
We think that many participants may prefer this arrangement, due to lower costs and ability to accommodate special dietary needs.  If you prefer, Fairfield has dozens of world class dining options within a few miles drive from the campus. 

What type of transportation do you have?

Who can live on the IdeaLife Campus?

Can couples be accommodated?

One small monthly fee covers your Invincible America Assembly course fee and your room on campus.

We have a variety of rooms to fit every taste and budget.      Click here to see our room types and rates. 

You will not be leasing your room, your housing cost is included in your monthly IdeaLife Assembly fee.  We will give you a standard housing agreement form and campus guidelines form to be completed on arrival.

Am I required to sign a lease?

Where will I do my program?

The fastest way to apply is to go directly to our application page.

For more information before you apply call the campus manager, Hinton Clabaugh, at (641) 451-7331 or send a message. 

What type of housing do you have, and what is the cost?

The IdeaLife Assembly Campus contains beautiful flying halls, meeting hall, and recreation room.  We are in close proximity to the Maharishi Vedic Pandit campus, and are often invited to observe their Vedic performances. We have a lake filled with wildlife and 22 acres of grassy walk-and-talk area.

We get so many comments on the deep silence and sweet feeling on this campus. Read the BUZZ or better yet, come see and feel for yourself!

Yes, all are welcome.
International sponsorship IAA participants on the IdeaLife Assembly campus will be provided with accommodation at no charge; and a partial contribution of food in kind. You will be responsible for buying most of your food.

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What's life like at the IdeaLife Campus?

These comfortable, newly renovated Maharishi Vastu® accommodations are for participants on the Invincible America Assembly — including two-program-per-day participants. Please note that Sidhas will need to be approved for the Invincible America Assembly (i.e., have a current Dome badge) before we can accept your reservation.